The Elephant Man (2010-2012)

"Fascinating extremes", "Carl Unander-Scharin makes me beleive in the future of opera", "Staggeringly beautiful", "A great success and a big breakthrough" Presscuts Presscuts (in Swedish) / Booklet

>Sept 29, 2013: The Elephant Man and composer Carl Unander-Scharin are nominated to the Opera prize by Swedish journal "Opera". 

AUDIO from the Live Recording in 2012. Singers: Håkan Starkenberg, Susanna Levonen, Mats Persson, Peter Kajlinger, Karl Rombo, Susanna Sundberg, Jenny Hertzmann, Albina Isufi, Lars Martinsson.

The Elephant Man is an opera composed by Carl Unander-Scharin, on a libretto by Michael Williams. The story is based on the historical person Joseph Merrick, who was born with a disability that rapidly grew. During his short life, he chose to become a "novelty" - a freak - to be able to support himself. In this full scale opera, the story and life of Joseph Merrick is told in the context of the horrors of London East End, anno 1890 - the Jack the Ripper-era. 

Video: The Elephant Man - 30 min excerpt

Video: Reportage Kulturnyheterna

Video: Reportage TV4

Video: Carl demonstrates the Throat III as used in the performance

Video: Disforming operatic voices with a novel interactive instrument

Programme from the 2012 NorrlandsOperan production below. 

PR booklet with press-cuts, November 2012 - below

The opera features 10 singers, a large orchestra (2222 4321 11 Pi/Kbd Str), live-electronics and video-art. Commissioned by NorrlandsOperan, premiere October 6, 2012. There is also a reduced score for smaller orchestras (1111 2111 11 Pi/Kbd Str)

Article in "Opera Now" - september 2012 - below. Article in "Tonsättaren" sept 12 - below. 

Conductor: Mats Rondin

Stage Director: Keith Turnbull

Set Design and costumes: Annsofi Nyberg

Video Design: Lene Juhl and Mark Viktov

Singers: Håkan Starkenberg, Susanna Levonen, Mats Persson, Peter Kajlinger, Karl Rombo, Susanna Sundberg, Jenny Hertzmann, Albina Isufi, Lars Martinsson.

The Opera was be recorded and broadcast by Sveriges Radio AB. 

Images here.

Errata-list here. 


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