...hold infinity in the palm of your hand...

Choral suite in 9 parts with texts by William Blake. For Mixed Chorus and Piano

 Commissioned by the Adolf Fredrik School of music for their 40th Anniversary.

•Premiered in May 2009 in Stockholm´s Konserthus, conducted by Bo Johansson, Helena Ströberg. 

Published by Gehrmans www.gehrmans.se/english/shop/info.asp

• Performed by Mikaeli Kammarkör under Anders Eby, in October 2011. Recorded and broadcast on the Swedish Radio. 

Henrik Berg, piano. 


•Samples from the score: 




1. Welcome stranger to this place.

2. The Wild Flower´s song

3. How Sweet I roamed from field to field

4. The Garden of Love

5. The Fly

6. Never Pain to tell thy Love

7. He who binds to himself a joy/ If you trap the moment before it´s ripe

8. I heard an Angel singing

9. To see the World in a Grain of Sand






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